Calgary Living

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta, both by population and area. It is home to many world-renowned places to see and activities to do all year round. It has been dubbed as Canada’s “CowTown” because of its Western culture. Calgary also has various open spaces made of both natural and urban elements. It comes as no surprise that Calgary offers a lot of different things to try and places to eat around this city. There’s nothing like getting into the local scene than taking a stroll around the Calgary neighborhoods. Check out the ambiance in neighborhoods like Richmond, Altadore, and Glenbrook to find which atmosphere you like the most. Get to know the people and let them tell you their own stories about Canada’s CowTown. It wouldn’t be too crazy to fall in love with Calgary after seeing and experiencing its wonders for yourself. With various places to visit and activities to try, Calgary is sure to give every visitor an experience like no other.