About Ammoree Amankwah

Ammoree has been a licensed real estate agent in Calgary since 2005 and has assisted with a vast variety of real estate transactions. She has guided her clients through all types of real estate negotiations over the years and prides herself on her business being built entirely on referrals. Her practice over the last decade or so has been primarily focused on land development, inner-city infill construction, and luxury home sales. Having worked in the legal industry in both the US and Canada for several years, Ammoree has in-depth knowledge of the entire process of buying and selling real estate in Alberta. She holds a wealth of knowledge directly related to our local market, real estate trends, and all things related to buying, selling, and building locally. Ammoree has taught industry courses and spoken at public events mentoring her colleagues, and sharing the knowledge she has acquired over the years. Ammoree has recently taken her love of working in the real estate industry to the next level with the establishment of the Urban Property Collection real estate team. She hopes someday to be able to formally advocate on behalf of Realtors® in our industry regarding their immense value in a transaction. She believes who represents you, or doesn't, matters significantly. Through education, years of experience, and market knowledge, a Realtor® can save you from making or help you make some of the most pivotal financial decisions of your life. Off the grid you can find Ammoree exploring the world, in the gym, and sneaking into local cafes for iced london fog lattes every chance she gets. She is a proud Calgarian and feels grateful to be able to work and play in the midst of everyone lucky enough to call our incredible city home.


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